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Blue Hair Dye: It's Time For Something New & Different | Obsessed Hair Oil
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Are you bored with your appearance? Do you want others to see a major change in you? If so, you might want to consider blue hair dye.

What? Isn’t that a bit drastic?

Yes, and that is the point. A funky and vibrant hair color might be what the doctor has prescribed for you. Perhaps it is time to be a bit more bolder.

When embarking on your hair makeover keep in mind that blue comes in many shades. How do you determine which shade is best for you? Well, it comes down to what type of personality you want to project to the world.

Based on that you can go with a wild funky blue, electric blue, a light blue hair dye, a dark shade of blue and the list goes on and on as you will read about later in this article.

Another thing about the blue hair trend is that the color is not just for bad girls who ride on the back of their boyfriend’s Harley Davidson’s motorcycle. There are plenty of professional ladies who are opting for the look. And guess what?  They look fantastic, very glamorous and, oh so, chic.

Blue Hair Dye

For the most part, it is universally accepted that the color blue conveys a sense of confidence, intelligence and stability. No wonder the corporate world embraces the color. With this thinking in mind, if you color your hair with a bold color, it just might enhance your personality too.

As stated, when you dye your hair blue it seems so scary and permanent. But does it have to be? Keep reading.

Permanent Blue Hair Dye

permanent blue hair dye

It is possible to get vibrant blue hair dye. Permanent hair color that produces the brightest shades imaginable.

However, know that blue permanent hair dye is the harshest on your hair. To make the solution – a mix of peroxide and ammonia is used to strip the color from your hair. Usually, this is a two step process.

  1. The stripping process.
  2. The coloring process.

Home products can be completed in one step; however, they may damage your hair. However, for a more professional finish, go to a licensed cosmetologist or hair dresser. These beauty specialists know the two step process is the most effective type of coloring for a drastic change.

The good thing about this permanent solution is that you can touch up your roots as they grow out.

So far we have talked about a permanent solution, but for those of you who like to switch things up on a regular basis you should go for a temporary blue hair dye, a semi permanent blue hair dye or a natural semi permanent vegetable dye.

You can also get hair dyes in alternative forms like:

  • Henna
  • Coffee
  • Tea Rinses
  • Commercial Rinses

Semi permanent vegetable dye and semi permanent dye add brilliant color and sheen to your hair. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long before it starts to wash out, which means your roots will need a touch up. You don’t want to walk around with faded hair because that is not cute!

Are you looking for a truly natural hair-coloring option?

Well, henna is an all-natural alternative to hair synthetic dyes.

It is also a natural dye extracted from plants and has been used for centuries. According to Lush, “In the treasure of Tutankhamen’s tomb evidence was found of wigs and beards dyed with henna. As far back as 3200 BCE evidence shows a dye made with wild indigo indigofera tinctoria and henna Lawsonia inermis was successfully dying hair a fine blue black.”

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In addition to henna being all-natural it also helps to protect your hair from sun damage. Scientific studies have shown that it also makes a great hair conditioner and stimulates hair growth.

Different Blue Hair Dye You Might Like

Midnight Blue Hair Dye: Manic Panic® makes a gorgeous midnight blue hair color. It is seriously a nice shade of dark blue. It’s so dark it almost looks black. If you leave it on your hair too long, your hair initially will look black for about a week and then it will fade to the color you desire.

midnight blue hair dye

Dark Blue Hair Dye: Almost everyone can find a shade of blue to suit their skin tone. Darker and warmer skin tones suit bold, dark-base blue hair colors. Deeper colors add lots of shine and these luscious blues look rich in normal light and have bright blue reflexes in sunlight.

dark blue hair dye

Blue Black Hair Dye: When it comes to black blue hair dye you can say that it is very pigmented. That means the hue is almost black when it is first applied. The black and blue hair dye is darker most any other shade on the market today. The shade also has a high pigment, so it will cover darker hair better. It will also add a silky shine to your tresses. One last thing to keep in mind before going with blue black dye is that is last a long, long time so be ready for a commitment.

Light Blue Hair Dye:  A light blue hair color is designed to give you a vivid, but boldly intensive result. Look for brands formulas that are PPD-free and enriched with Hyaluronic Acid. It also helps to have Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Pequi Oil and/or other botanicals that will nourish and strengthen your hair from within.
blue black hair dye

Blue Velvet Dye: This is truly one of the deepest shades of blue. If you have had other botched dye jobs this particular color can cover up those bleaching failures like magic.

Electric Blue Hair Dye: Electric also known as Brilliant blue gives you a dramatic look. If you don’t want to blend in with the crowd, this color will set you apart from everyone else. This color screams “Girls Just Want To Have.”  You can also get this color in semi-permanent.

Pastel Blue Hair Dye: Dyed hairstyles, especially pastel blue, are very popular. This distinct look goes well with just the right outfit, especially alternative styles. What type of alternative styles am I referring too? Grunge, nu-goth or punk outfits. Rock on!

Splat Blue Hair Dye:  What is so great about blue splat hair dye? First and foremost, there are not rules. Funky, vibrant, alternative splat blue only need to make you feel good. Bottom line – at the end of the day, wearing alternative hairstyles is about being an individual. You are letting the world know that you are unique and yourself. Therefore, choosing splat hair dye in blue is a very personal decision.       

  splat blue hair dye on black hair

Splat Blue Envy: Want extreme vivid color? Well, this product comes everything you need for the bleaching process and color process. It’s formula gives your hair long-lasting color. Plus, it is oh, so
easy to use and you have lots of options. You can “splat” all of your hair or you can add just a little bit of color, like: streaks, dip dye or even ombre.

Aqua Blue Hair Dye:  Unlike run of the mill hair colors, which work with your skin tone, alternative hair colors like aqua blue is more about matching your outfit and overall look. So, the best case scenario would be to look at your wardrobe first. Determine your favorite clothing. What colors do you like to wear? Once you figure out those questions, you will know if this color is right for you.

Baby Blue Hair Dye: Most stylists and people who have tried this color say that it creates a beautiful hue and is easy to apply. However, it fades very quickly.

Manic Panic Blue Hair Dye: Ok, I proudly admit that manic panic blue is gorgeous. The only down-side to this highly pigmented formulation is that it stains like crazy. Don’t even think about scratching your head unless you want blue fingernails and to look like the Smurfs. With that said, the color is so beautiful and it might be worth the trouble!

Neon Blue Hair Dye: Be prepared to get ask the same question every time you leave your house, “Is that your hair?” And you can proudly say “Yup.” You might want to go no-poo with this color and just use conditioner to keep your hair clean. To keep you neon color looking shiny and bright use a shine spray that you can mist on your hair.

Royal Blue Hair Dye: So, you want to express yourself. No problem this color is very bold. However, keep in mind these few tips. Avoid contact with clothing and furniture. Wear gloves when applying this rich color. Also, be sure to protect your hair line to prevent the high pigmented color from staining your skin.

Blue Green Hair Dye: If you choose to wear your hair this color, it is because you’re most likely a trendsetter who walks your own path. Women like Anna Piaggi, the late editor of Vogue Italia, kept her blue hair until her death, and was unapologetic about it. If you plan on wearing this color, own it!

Silver Blue Hair Dye: Why you silver blue hair fox. My don’t you look sexy and edgy. You used to see this color only on the 50+ crowd. Now, if you need a change, you can get this sultry look too.

Black Hair Dye With Blue Tint: I am obsessed with this look. All you have to do is put the color on your hair and wait a half hour. Wash and dry and your hair. The color of your roots should match the color of your ends. Expect a very vibrant, dark blue. After that, wait for all of the compliments to start.

As you can see there are many different shades of blue. You just need to determine which one is right for you. Now, we are going to discuss a few things when it comes to dying your hair the many fabulous shades of blue available. First, should you dye your own hair. If you are unsure, it is wise to go to your salon and consult one of the stylists. If not, at least check out the video below on how to dye black hair blue.



Video courtesy of Beautybyjj – how to dye hair blue

Where To Find Blue Hair Dye?

You can find it at your local salon, and there are numerous places online. You can get at an affordable price on sites like Amazon and eBay. You can Google where to find the deals for an authentic blue hair dye. And, if you want a physical retailer, you can get blue hair dye at Walmart. Two of the most popular places that sale blue hair dye is Sally Beauty Supply. Walgreen’s also sales blue hair dye.

You might even want to try out hair painting.

How To Remove Blue Hair Dye?

There is no one way to do this. However, the most common ones include using: cooking oil, peroxide, shaving cream, rubbing alcohol or head and shoulders shampoo. Another way to remove the color is to use Baking soda. Baking soda is a natural bleaching agent, so adding it to your shampoo can make the color-stripping process faster.

Blue Hair Dye Brands

Some of the best brands are:

  • Splat Blue Envy
  • Manic Panic
  • Vidal Sassoon Midnight Muse Blue Hair Dye
  • Blue Black Hair Dye Brands

What Is The Best Blue Hair Dye?

When going bold with my color I have relied on Vidal Sassoon. I have had nightmares with other bleaches I’ve tried. Vidal Sassoon applies easily and works well. In my opinion, they have the best blue black hair dye. However, some ladies have been just as successful in using more organic products.

Well, I hope the blue hair dye guide has helped you learn about the many types of blue hair colors that are available to you. All you have to be is bold because you are already unique.

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