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Biotin Shampoo: What A Study From 1942 Has To Say | Obsessed Hair Oil



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Biotin Shampoo

We live in an age where most beauty products are being made from artificial ingredients. It is refreshing to find a product that uses the goodness of natural nutrients to enrich your body. Biotin shampoo is one of those rarities that makes your hair shinier and healthier without leaving any side effects.

Back to science class – Biotin, known as Vitamin H, is an integral part of the Vitamin-B complex group. It is required for the proper working of your body. In addition, it is a water soluble coenzyme that breakdowns fatty acids, amino acids, and glucose inside your body.


Before I move forward with telling you all about the benefits of biotin shampoo, let me share my favorite brand with you if you’re short on time. It is a Hair Growth B-Complex Formula.

If you want to learn more about how this shampoo stimulates hair follicles and promotes circulation, keep reading. Healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp and this topical treatment gives you thick and shiny hair.

Also, biotin is needed to convert everything we eat into an energy form that can be used by your cells. Again, like all B vitamins, it is a water soluble, meaning the body does not store it. However, bacteria in the intestine can make biotin.

The Science of Biotin

In 1942, Vincent du Vigneaud, Professor of Biochemistry at Cornell University Medical College, presented the results of a study on the structure of biotin. Furthermore, what we know about this vitamin is well documented.

The Structure of Biotin

Biotin deficiency can cause health problems. Also, a deficiency of this essential vitamin will leave your hair and skin dry and damaged. Other obvious symptoms of biotin deficiency is hair fall, thinning hair and weak or brittle nails. It can present itself in even more ways:

  • Nausea
  • Mscle Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Depression
  • Skin Changes

Also, it is also known to cause cramps, intestinal and digestive tract issues and cognitive impairments. As Vincent du Vigneaud established, the human body cannot do without biotin. The ideal way to get this vitamin is to consume it in your food. Consequently, in our fast-paced, eat-on-the-run society, this often becomes difficult.

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To solve this, shampoo companies have begun to include biotin in their hair care product lines. These manufacturers claim that when you use biotin shampoo, the biotin contained in the shampoo is absorbed through your skin.

Also, exactly how effective the process of absorption is yet to be established. However, one thing is for certain — a biotin shampoo is far better than a normal shampoo. This is especially true if you want stronger, healthier hair.

Does Biotin Shampoo Work?

If scientific facts are to be believed organic biotin shampoo will not promote hair growth as much as it will strengthen your hair. Biotin hair shampoo acts directly on your hair follicles and makes them stronger. Furthermore, it ensures that each hair follicle completes it growth cycle and reaches its optimal length.

In November 2014, the Ablon Skin Institute Research Center in Manhattan Beach, California completed a three month clinical study on Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study Evaluating the Ability of an Extra-Strength Marine Protein Supplement to Promote Hair Growth and Decrease Shedding in Women with Self-Perceived Thinning Hair.

What were the findings?

The study revealed that women who had thinning hair were given an oral marine protein supplement (MPS), which contained biotin or a placebo pill twice per day for 90 days. At the beginning and end of the study, digital images were taken of the affected areas on the scalp.

Does Biotin Shampoo Work

Also, each participant’s hair was washed and any shed hairs were counted. Dr. Carl Hornfeldt and Dr. Shahrokh Golshan found that women who took an MPS experienced a significant amount of hair growth in the areas affected by hair loss. Finally, they also had less shedding.

Like previous studies, the ingredients in MPS tablets promote hair growth in women suffering from temporary thinning hair. The current study further demonstrated the ability of biotin to decrease hair loss.

Bottom line, regularly using a biotin-enriched shampoo will reduce hair fall. However, if you are hoping to make your hair grow quickly, you must supply this shampoo with a food diet rich in Vitamin B7.

Biotin Shampoo Side Effects

You should not experience side effects if the manufacturer is using only natural ingredients along with the biotin. That means the shampoo should be free of chemicals like:

  • Sulfate
  • Gluten
  • Preservatives
  • Paraben
  • Petroleum

If any of these chemicals are present, it will negatively affect the beneficial agents of biotin. The chemicals can cause harm to your body. For instance, studies have shown that parabens have a slight ability to mimic estrogen, which can cause problems in the body’s cells. Also, parabens have been found in breast cancer tumors.

In addition to everything else, it can cause serious bad day hair issues. How? Sulfates can irritate your scalp, fade your hair color, dry your hair out and aid in hair loss. So, when choosing a product, make sure it is an all natural biotin shampoo.

Biotin Shampoo For Hair Growth: 9 Top Brands

1. MAPLE HOLISTICS biotin hair loss shampoo

As I mentioned at the outset, one of the best products you can use is here. This maximum strength hair loss prevention and treatment shampoo contains biotin as well as provitamin B5 zinc coconut oil and several other nutrient rich botanicals.

2. Pure BiologY biotin and keratin shampoo

Pure biology contains both biotin and keratin. What a powerful combination. Hair naturally contains proteins, which are also called Keratin. Also, when Keratin proteins interact with Biotin, a cell reaction occurs. This is where the magic happens. The reaction produces amino acids to help build stronger, thicker, and healthier hair.

This unisex shampoo provides gentle, yet effective cleansing for all hair types; natural Citrus/Lemon scent; Non-GMO; Cruelty-free; Paraben-free; Made in the USA.

3. renpure biotin and collagen shampoo

Renpure is a family owned company that creates hair care products. None of their hair lines contains sodium chloride, sulfates, dyes, harsh salts, parabens or gluten.

Renpure Biotin and Collagen Shampoo helps to deliver thicker hair. This is all possible because they exclusively use a blend of Vitamin B7 Biotin, Collagen and Keratin. As you know by now, those ingredients are known to thicken, strengthen and add shine to your hair strands.

4. Nourish Beauté biotin shampoo and conditioner

Nourish Beauté is a combination treatment kit that features four items from their line of hair loss products. The kit contains: Shampoo, Conditioner, Vitamins and Hair Growth Accelerating Serum. Also, it allows you to fully maximize the effectiveness of each item when used together.

Finally, you can experience lush, healthy, beautiful hair naturally. You will benefit from stimulating growth through the infusion of vital nutrients. Their shampoos and conditioners reverse and prevent thinning hair.

5. ReLine biotin shampoo

Reline focuses on helping to slow shedding and encourage regrowth. In addition to biotin, it treats thinning hair with botanical rosemary, aloe vera, saw palmetto and coconut. All of these plants are known to regrow and prevent hair loss.

Also, it has no harsh chemicals such as Formaldehyde, Lye, Parabens, Sulfates, Phosphates, Phthalates, SLS, or Sodium Chloride. This anti-hair loss shampoo prevents hair loss by blocking DHT, which is a primary reason for thin weak hair.

6. mill creek biotin shampoo

Mill Creek, used weekly, this enriched formula can replenish nutrients necessary for a healthy scalp and hair. The formula combines Biotin, Panthenol, Inositol, Niacin, Folic Acid with Cystine, Keratin, Jojoba and Aloe Vera for healthy looking hair. Refreshing Peppermint Oil provides an invigorating sensation for your scalp.

In addition, they manufacture Mill Creek botanicals biotin shampoo and conditioner. What’s so special about this brand? For over 35 years, they have combed the globe to find the most effective organic ingredients for their shampoos and conditioners.

The result: they have shampoos that don’t strip away vital nutrients and conditioners that hydrate without leaving waxy film or added weight to your hair. Instead, your hair will look and feel more healthy and vibrant than ever.

7. nexxus vitatress biotin shampoo

Nexxus biotin shampoo can be hard to get. Amazon has a few bottles left, but sellers have raised the price. Also, you can get it at this link.

8. ogx biotin and collagen shampoo

Organix thick and full biotin and collagen shampoo and conditioner set is the best buy. It is a Amazon Choice. After just one use, your hair strands will start to feel thicker and look fuller. The shampoo helps to thicken any hair type.

Immerse your skinny or thin hair strands in this super volumizing formula to create fuller shiny hair. I will say this one gets mixed reviews. People either love it or hate. It appears if you have thin hair it doesn’t work to great. Finally, you can check out the product here.

9. jason shampoo with biotin and aloe vera

Jason all natural organic shampoo probably has the most impressive list of beneficial ingredients that are all healthy for your hair and scalp. Across the hair loss and hair care forums, Jason products always make the top the ten list for any question regarding “what is the best shampoo to thicken hair?”

I like the Jason brand because it strives to find the most effective natural ingredients for its formulas, sourcing only the highest quality ingredients, avoiding using animal by-products, synthetic colors or fragrance, harmful chemicals and conducting no animal testing on any of their products.

Best Biotin Shampoo Reviews

Constant use of chemicals and heat can leave your hair super dry. Thus, all the more good reason to use a shampoo that has lots of natural ingredients. This shampoo is one of your better options because it is made from organic products.

Keep in mind, biotin shampoo does not always smell that great as they typically aren’t full of artificial fragrances. Below are what some people had to say:

Biotin and collagen shampoo review:

I use a lot of Ogx products. Also, I feel that they’re good value for the quality and this shampoo is no different. I have fine, thin, wavy/curly hair that’s prone to breakage that’s not helped by my refusal to go to the salon more than twice a year. This shampoo cleans my hair well and helps with volume and breakage. I’m almost out now and I know it’s what I’ll be getting when I head to the store. ~ Karen

OGX biotin and collagen shampoo review:

I love this shampoo and the entire line to be honest. It smells great, doesn’t feel like it’s left residue in my hair even after I wash it out and keeps my hair thick. Other shampoo brands cause more hair to come out while washing. I also notice that my scalp isn’t dry after using it. So, I will keep using this line. I like to pair it with the conditioner. ~ Tamara

Renpure biotin and collagen shampoo reviews:

I’m not sure why people are complaining about how it smells. I love it. This product is spectacular. ~ Tiffany

I am a cosmetologist and RenPure is better than most of the high end hair brands I have worked with. The smell and texture of the product is wonderful. Interesting side note: My nails seem to be stronger and have grown faster then ever. ~ Hiliary

I decided on this brand due to the price, the fact that it’s very natural, and good reviews. I’ve been using this for over a month, and I think I do start to see some improvement. My hair, even after a year of having my daughter, it’s just in a sad state! Even if it’s not super effective, I don’t mind using this anyway since it’s natural. Even my husband uses it! ~ C.

Renpure originals biotin and collagen shampoo reviews:

Really love this shampoo for its ingredients, price and size. Super deal. ~ K.

Love the shampoo. ~ Melba

Biotin shampoo makes your hair voluminous and bouncy. After a quick wash, your hair will feel softer. They are known to produce sebum, which naturally moisturizes your hair. You don’t need to use much as a little goes a long way. However, some users have reported that it leaves their hair frizzy. All in all, a biotin shampoo is one of the better products that delivers visible results.

Biotin Shampoo For Hair Growth

Biotin Shampoo For Hair Growth

I think it is important to be clear about one thing. There are those who believe that this shampoo is some kind of a miracle product. That it will have your hair growing inches overnight. If you are one of these people, you are in for some disappointment. Say what?

So, does biotin and collagen shampoo help hair grow or not? While it has been established that biotin shampoos reduce hair fall, no study has made the claim that a biotin shampoo will make your hair grow back. 

Biotin doesn’t make your hair grow faster or longer. Also, it’s primary claim to fame is that it strengthens your hair follicles. When your hair is stronger, it enables each hair strand to reach the end of its growth cycle without breakage and less damage. In addition, it is through this process that your hair is able to grow. Biotin is just one piece of the puzzle.

Biotin Shampoo Hair Loss

One of the many reasons why people use a biotin shampoo is because it is known to help your hair get through its growth cycle without damage. Dermatologists vouch for this product and recommend it to anyone suffering from hair loss or alopecia. Biotin stops hair fall by producing natural oils that are needed by your skin and scalp to strengthen your hair.

However, for best results it is important that you compliment your biotin shampoo with a biotin rich diet. You need about 5 mg of biotin everyday. If get the daily recommended amount of biotin, you will never have to see another bad hair day.

Biotin Shampoo Benefits

Your organic biotin shampoo is more effective than you think. This dermatologist tested and recommended product:

  • Strengthens Your Hair
  • Repair Split Ends

Also, since it is made from natural ingredients, it can be used during pregnancy and while breastfeeding your child.

In addition, biotin enriched shampoos are rich in essential oils. That means it plays a key role in revitalizing your dry scalp and damaged hair. Also, biotin enhances the production of sebum. The sebum produced moisturizes your hair and leaves it soft and bouncy. 

Biotin Shampoo Walmart

There are many biotin shampoos available online and at retail stores. If you walk into Walmart right now, you will see a section devoted to biotin enriched shampoos. However, be sure to pick up one that is made from organic products and is infused with essential oils.

If you are looking to reduce hair loss, know that a biotin-enriched shampoo with zinc is known to treat alopecia more effectively. A biotin shampoo is a highly recommended product as it has everything your hair need to become strong and beautiful.

After You Finish Styling Your Hair

Thick, coarse or curly hair is happiest when styled with oils. Be sure to smooth your finished look and add a glossy shine with Obsessed Hair Oil. The hair oil can tame flyaways and give you a polished look. All you need to do is rub the oil between your palms first and run your hands over your hair ends. Finally, with the leftover oil on your hands, smooth the rest over your hair. You look gorgeous!

Learn more about the products we recommend and hair routines on the <a href="https://obsessedhairoil.com/start-here/">Start Here</a> page, and connect on <a href="https://twitter.com/obsessedhairoil">Twitter</a> and <a href="https://www.facebook.com/obsessedhairoil">Facebook</a>.