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There is something truly unique, stunning, and tranquil about green eyes. That’s why women panic and wonder what hair color for green eyes should they choose. I can’t say that I really blame because if that is your eye color, more than likely that is the feature of your face you want to play up the most for dramatic effect.

If you have been blessed with such beautiful eyes, then you are part of a tiny fraction of the earth’s population who have this eye color. With so much serenity and beauty being linked to green-eyed people, you may be wondering how you can really make the most of your unusual eye color.

One way to really make your eye color sparkle, is to choose a hair color that will accentuate, rather than hide, those stunning eyes.

However, there isn’t a singular color that will work for each and every person on the planet who has green eyes. What’s the problem? The secret lies in our skin color.

A person who has green eyes and olive skin may find that a particular hair color makes their eyes totally pop. However, the same hair color on a person with green eyes and pale skin, may have the opposite effect.

So, how can you know what is the best hair color for green eyes?

The following guide should point you in the right direction. Just find the category you fit into and take a read of our top hair color recommendations.

A word of warning, however, once you have found the perfect hair color for your eyes and skin color, get ready to be drenched in compliments about how your green eyes really do have you looking like a queen!

Best Hair Color For Green Eyes And a Warm Skin Color

Best Hair Color For Green Eyes And a Warm Skin Color

What a wonderful eye and skin color combination you have! So, how can you make sure your hair is making your eyes truly dazzle? It’s very simple! Consider one of the following hair color recommendations:

  • Choose a rich color for your base. Chestnut, auburn and mahogany can be excellent choices.
  • Once you’ve got a great base color, opt for a few subtle highlights, such as copper, red, russet or cinnamon.

Tip: Green eyes combined with a warm skin tone naturally give you a fresh, bright look. Avoid hair colors that will flatten or dampen that bright appearance. Instead, choose a hair color that will accentuate those warm undertones that you have been blessed with.

Best Hair Color For Green Eyes And Tanned Skin

Best Hair Color For Green Eyes And Tanned Skin

Green eyes and tanned skin are an eye-catching combination. To make sure you are noticed for all the right reasons, consider the following hair color recommendations:

  • A dark chocolate brown shade should have those green eyes full of sparkle.
  • If dark brown isn’t your thing, you should be safe choosing from the range of light and medium shades of brown too.

Tip: If you’re keen to try something a little different, then talk to your stylist about a champagne shade. It may not suit everyone with green eyes and tanned skin, but you may be one of those people who can stylishly pull it off.

Best Hair Color For Green Eyes And Olive Skin

Best Hair Color For Green Eyes And Olive Skin

Olive skin makes a stunning compliment to green eyes, if you pair it up with the right hair color that is. Here come a few great ideas:

  • Various shades of red will not only highlight your green eyes, but will also bring out the warm tones in your olive skin.
  • Dark hair shades are also an option.

Tip: If you want to opt for a dark color, consider pairing up a dark base with highlights such as chestnut or burgundy. This will make sure the dark hair color doesn’t dampen that green-eyed twinkle.

Best Hair Color For Green Eyes And Pale Skin

Best Hair Color For Green Eyes And Pale Skin

If your green eyes have been paired up with pale skin, then you’re in for a treat when it comes to your choice of hair color! Here’s an idea of what’s in store for you:

  • Red will make your eyes pop! That’s not your only choice though.
  • A wide range of blondes will bring out your green eyes perfectly.
  • Black and brown shades could also make a great option to accentuate that stunning green eye color.

Tip: If you’re set on going blonde, then depending where your skin color fits on the, ‘pale range’, will determine which shade of blonde will work best for you. Work along with your hair stylist to ensure you don’t go for a shade that will make you look washed out.

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Celebrities That Dazzle With Their Green Eyes

Kenya Moore
Blessed with green eyes and a rich warm skin color, this is a celebrity who has perfected the art of using her hair color to complement her eyes.

Kenya Moore Green Eyes

Vanessa Williams
Famous for her role in ‘Eraser’ and for being Miss America, Williams has found a stunning match for her green eyes in the form of her warm blonde hair color choice.

Vanessa Williams Green Eyes

This is a green-eyed girl who knows how to carry-off a number of looks. She’s experimented both with stunning blonde shades and striking red colors, both of which complimented her green eyes perfectly.

Rihanna Green Eyes

Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks boasts naturally green eyes. We can also be sure that she has a hair stylist who knows exactly how to make those green eyes pop. Despite the changes we have seen in her hair color through the years, one thing stays the same; we are always dazzled by her striking green eyes!

Tyra Banks Green Eyes

Below Are 3 More Best Hair Color For Green Eyes Options

1) Cinnamon Brown

This is a classic for anyone with green eyes and is one that celebrities love as well. Your green eyes are going to look like gorgeous pools when you are rocking this hair color.

This is the power of cinnamon brown. This shade works quite nice with those who have warmer skin tones. It gives you a very natural appearance. You will adore this color option when you see how it compliments your eyes.

2) Auburn

Auburn is another excellent hair color option that has a rich, vibrant shade. It is a dark hue of red that is much closer to the color brown. In the real world, I personally call it what it is reddish brown. The good news is that this hair color can be worn by different skin tones. Whether you have a light, medium or dark skin complexion it will go with your green eye color.

3) Rich Mix Of Brown Highlights

Okay, this is not a hair color, but one that is just as useful for people with green eyes. You want to take a dark brown foundation and then start to mix in lighter highlights. Balayage can do wonders for you.

It is all about making it all come together as one package and highlights can do this. You do want to choose the right person and salon for this job as they will be able to make your eyes pop out.

Hair Color That Will Truly Make Your Green Eyes Pop

Being blessed with green eyes is a truly wonderful thing. However, it is possible for a green-eyed beauty to spend most of their life not really allowing their striking eyes to have the limelight they deserve. And, on a side note, to really make those eyes pop you should consider foods for flawless skin too.

Green eyes don’t have a, ‘one hair color fits all‘ solution. Instead, you need to give thought to your skin tone, as well as your own character and personality. By following the recommendations and tips above, I hope that when it comes to eyes that are green, you will choose a hair color that will make you feel like a queen!

Bonus: Stop asking black people if there eye color is real. Check out what Cydnee Black had to say about this topic.

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