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Your mid 20s is a hectic time. Adulthood has really settled in and you’re (hopefully) starting to see real forward motion in your career. You have many new responsibilities and a busy social life, so you need to have the best beauty products to keep you looking great all the time without spending hours on your beauty routine every day.

Want to save time and look your best every day? These 10 beauty products will help you perfect your beauty routine:

High Powered Hair Dryer

It’s time to get rid of the hair dryer your mom gave you when you moved out and purchase your own high powered machine. This can cut your drying time in half. It might seem ridiculous to spend $200+ on a hair dryer, but if you make the investment now you’ll have a great hair dryer for many years to come. Check this link on and you will find good reviews of the best dryer for your curly hair.

Detangling Comb

Want to cut your hair maintenance time down even further? Pair your high powered dryer up with a special detangling comb. Luckily the combs are a fair bit cheaper than a good hair dryer, but if you have a lot of hair you’ll probably want to splurge on a large $40-50 detangling comb to speed up your beauty routine even more.

Airbrush Makeup Kit

If you’ve never had your own airbrush makeup kit or had a friend recommend it, then this may be the perfect time to consider! Airbrush make-up is quick, safe and lasts for longer during the day and the complete kit can cost under a couple hundred dollars.

Nude Nail Polish

Nude nail polish looks cool and collected even if there are a few small chips, saving you a lot of time on touch ups. It also gives you a professional look wherever you go.

A Light Sunscreen

Sunscreen might initially feel weird on your skin, but it’s the best way to combat premature aging. Choose a brand with antioxidants, which increase potency, and try to test a sample before you actually purchase it to make sure it feels good on your skin.

Light Sunscreen

There really are sunscreens that feel exactly like your moisturizer you just have to spend a little bit more money, around $30 per bottle. Some sunscreens can even double as your morning moisturizer.

An Epilator

Epilators are a fantastic time-saver. Not only do they provide you with hair-free skin for up to two weeks, but they are quick to use compared to waxing. Add to that the fact that there are many very affordable options and it kinda makes you wonder why you don’t already have one? This article provides even more choices.

Emergency mascara

You’ll want something really high quality for long nights out, but it’s crucial to have a stick on hand in case you end up with last minute plans after work. Stick with a drugstore brand but always go for a well-respected brand like L’Oreal or Maybelline brush (usually a little under $10).

A Flat Iron

There are plenty Flat Irons to choose from, but given they can cost well under $50 for a decent model, a hair straightener is a must-have. You can even get mini straighteners that are perfect for travel. Sometimes it’s that little bit of straightening that that makes all the difference to that hairstyle, which is what makes this a must-have item.

A Supplement Program

Let’s face it: life is busy and a lot of times you’re not eating quite what you should, and if you live in a northern country you’re probably not getting enough vitamin D from the sun even in the summer. Start with a vitamin D3 and fish oil supplement and consult your doctor about further supplements.

Scented Bath Salts

A bath is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world and it’s better with scented candles. You’re working crazy hard trying to build the life you’ve always wanted, take some time to pamper yourself. A single high-quality tub of scented bath salts can last you for over a year if you’re only taking a bath once a week.

Summing Up

Let’s be honest, a girl’s gotta feel good and look good. These 10 items will help you to achieve both!

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