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I don’t want to alarm anyone reading this, but something has come to my attention. What’s that? Well, most of you ladies have baby hair syndrome. Say what? You insist on brushing a few hairs around your face for that wispy look. Others use a little edge control to work their magic.

If you want your baby hairs whether long, short, or even curly to look perfect, this post is for you.

Baby Hair

Baby Edges: How To Slick And Lay Down Your Edges (video)

Getting baby hairs on your forehead can be a cinch if the right products are on hand. How should you proceed? That depends on your hair type. It would also depend on what type of hair products your hair responds to. If your baby hairs need control, look for a hair gel or pomade. These products offer maximum holding power.

How to get baby hairs when your hair is flat and limp?

Hair that is thinner needs to be manipulated in order for baby hairs to look their best. Use a small brush and hair gel to create the desired design. After baby hairs are created the biggest issue will be keeping them in place. This can be achieved by spraying baby hairs along the hairline with a good holding hair spray.

Do not fear, if you ever decide that you are no longer feeling this trend here is how to hide your baby hairs. Depending on the hair type some baby hairs like to curl up into cute little ringlets instead of laying flat. However, with a little encouragement via a hair gel/pomade and a hair brush, these tiny hairs will take a seat. Once slicked down these your hairs will blend right in with the rest of your strands.

Due to being such a huge trend in 2016, many women began to wonder what are baby hairs?

Baby hairs are the cute, little face-framing hairs found along the hairline. They can be left alone or styled in order to make one dramatic hair statement.

Alicia Suggs Arianne Suggs

You can even wear wigs to achieve the look…

Human Wigs With Baby Hair

Where most women fail in wearing wigs is not having it blend seamlessly. If you wish to keep all of your own hair tucked safely underneath your wig, opt for human hair lace front wigs with baby hair. The baby hairs will give off a more natural look making the wig seem as though it is really your own hair.

Synthetic lace front wigs with baby hair are a great option for any women who is looking for a wig that looks natural. Moreover, synthetic wigs tend to be way cheaper allowing consumers to save a nice amount of money. Cha-ching!

Human lace front wigs with baby hair can be a little on the expensive side, but they are well worth it!

The lace’s baby hairs will help the wig look natural and because the wig’s strands are human hair it can be styled even with heated styling tools. This greatly expands the amount styles that can be created.

What About Lace Wigs?

Cheap lace front wigs with baby hair can be a great option for any woman looking for a wig that will look great but will not break the bank. Since the wig comes with baby hairs the lace will look more like your own making the end result look more natural.

PLEASE NOTE: A baby hair brush has to be small in order for the best results to be achieved. Eyebrow brushes as well as toothbrushes effectively double as a baby hair brush. Just remember never to use the brush too hard; otherwise, you could possibly yank out strands or cause hair along your hairline to recede.

Lace wigs with baby hair have to be carefully cut in order for them to look their best. Use a mirror and take your time in to create a natural look. Remember as you are cutting you are creating a hairline that onlookers will see, so it is best to follow your head shape’s natural hairline.

Baby Hairs

Baby hairs on your neck are not as en vogue as baby hairs found along the front hairline. Nevertheless, when hair is pulled up into a cute topknot, chignon or ponytail neck your baby hairs can be styled to give up-dos a more wispy look.

How To Get The Look

Take a small amount of hair gel and work it into front hairs then use your finger to wrap the wispy strands gently around then let go so that tiny ringlets are created. If you have steady hands, then a small curling iron can be used to create the same look minus the hair gel.

At times curly baby hair can be a little more difficult to work with, but with practice can be very stylish! Curly baby hairs can often easily be molded into more intricate designs because they naturally produce a nice wave.

As I have mentioned, to shape your hairline you must have a small brush handy if you want them to lay flat. Others have found using their fingers or the back of a comb does the trick as well. However, if your search for a small brush has been difficult try using a toothbrush. The brushes small bristles are perfect for shaping a great design.

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How to tame baby hairs when they are very unruly?

All hair is different but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing your strands how you see fit. First, you have to decide if your strands respond to a pomade or hair gel better. Pomades tend to be thicker with the ability to weigh down strands in order to get them to cooperate. So, if getting your baby hairs to lay down is an issue, opting for a pomade will help you gain control.

A hairstyle is truly tested once it has an endured an entire day’s worth of activities. Depending on the style, different techniques need to be utilized in order to look amazing all day. How to control baby hairs once they have been styled? If baby hairs have been created on natural hair then a strong pomade is all that is needed. If hair was straightened first, then spray baby hairs with a light hair spray and the style will last all day!

How to get baby hair edges on natural hair?

Follow the natural pattern of your curls in order to achieve the best look. Moreover, if you naturally do not have baby hairs do not pull too much hair along the hairline forward because the end result will be baby hair edgesvery unnatural. Instead use a very small brush to gently maneuver a small amount of hair into a cute design.

Shaping baby hairs in front of your hairline is simpler if the right tools are available. Using a small brush will help hairs take shape and lay flatter if that is your wish. If a small enough brush cannot be found at your local beauty supply store, try using an eyebrow brush. The tiny bristles are perfect for styling a chic look.

Finding the best baby hair gel on the market involves seriously looking into what brands may or may not work for your hair. At all costs avoid gels that include alcohol for it can be very drying. Your baby hair lies along the hairline, so if they are unhealthy looking everyone will easily notice.

That would just be wrong.

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