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After walking into a beauty store or looking around online, you may have come across alligator hair clips. There are both single-prong and double-prong options available. They come in assorted sizes, so you have many options for there use.

If you’ve never used them before, below are a few different ways you can make use of them. I like them because they are so affordable.

Alligator Hair Clips Keep Your Hair Secure

Some ladies use the alligator hair clips to help keep their hair secure while wearing rollers. If you would like to curl your hair without using a curling iron, due to the heat that can cause excess damage to your hair, using rollers and alligator clips together is a great alternative.

Steps To Follow

  • Separate your hair into several sections
  • Roll those sections around the plastic rollers, be sure to place part of the clip inside the roller to keep hair in place
  • Leave the rollers on for as long as your hair type needs to get the curls you desire
  • Remove the clips
  • Use your favorite products to keep your style in place

Glue Bows To The Alligator Hair Clips

If you are not a fan of using rollers, there are other ways to use these clips. For example, you can make your own bows using ribbon. Check out the tutorial below. It shows you step-by-step how to make them on your own. This tip will save you some money and you can make exactly what you want.

Once you have created a few beautiful bows with the ribbon, you can glue them directly on top of the clips. Add them to you or your child’s hair when you want to wear a cute accessory that matches your outfit.

When it is time to flat iron your hair, does your hair drive you crazy? I mean you comb your hair into sections and as soon as you pick up the flatiron you look up and wonder what happened to your part. If so, these clips are strong enough to hold your hair in place. You can easily work on one specific section at a time. Also, the convenient alligator clips won’t damage your hair.

Whether you want to use them while styling with rollers, creating your own cute accessories or even to keep your hair in place, these alligator clips come in handy. Although they are quite useful, they are also easy to use and more affordable than other types of clips. It is a great idea to buy them now and have them ready to use when you’re ready.

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