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Welcome to Obsessed Hair Oil! We’re Sherry Harris and Serena Harris. Yep, we’re sisters. Together we own Obsessed Hair Oil a company focused on helping women worldwide to have healthy hair using our hair care advice and scalp massage oil. On this blog we share hair tips, hair videos, mini hair infographics and beautiful hair pictures, as well as our life in Southern California – Los Angeles to be exact.

Our company is dedicated to being a positive force in the world and online. We do this by keeping our website focused on positivity.

Why Do Women Like You Visit This Site?

You want naturally gorgeous, healthy, strong hair. And, you’re looking for easy hair care routines and tips for growing your hair fast.

You have also most likely been searching all over the Internet for sound advice. You are looking for really simple hair tricks. Tricks every lady needs to know to have beautiful, healthy hair.

You visit websites, blogs, news sites, YouTube, Pinterest and the list goes on. Worse, you find out there is a lot of conflicting information. Or, some blogs have even purchased cheap, crappy articles and slapped them on their website without real research and hair journalism. That is not doing you any good because we are talking about your hair after all!

Listen, We Understand Your Pain!

That is precisely why we started this blog. We felt there needed to be a resource that provided well-written information on all things regarding hair care using pure, organic, products including our essential hair massage oil. We Are All About Natural Hair Care!

The Harris sisters are encouraging women to take a leap of faith and believe in themselves. If you want long and/or healthy, beautiful hair, we will give you the tools and information you need to get the hair of your dreams, so you look fabulous every time you leave the house.

If you start planning, you will reach your goals. It all starts with a dream.

  • Want to learn how to have great hair without it costing an arm and a leg? No, problem.
  • Do you have a desire to get compliments on your hair appearing healthy and full? We got you!
  • Would you like to learn how to nourish and strengthen your hair strands? Just say YES!
  • Would you like to have soft, smooth hair instead of dry, damaged, brittle hair? We both know the answer to that.

As you can see, there are tons of problems and issues that are associated with our hair, but there are also many solutions. We write about lots of them to give you ideas, tutorials and step-by-step instructions.

To the right are the top twelve hair problems that are solved for you. Click on the “Hair Guide” links that are relevant to you.

About Sherry

Sherry Harris

Sherry Harris is the co-founder of Obsessed Hair Oil. I spend many days at the beach because it’s, well, awesome. It gives me the motivation to research and write about topics that I absolutely love, like…hair tips, hairstyles, hair colors and hair loss for relaxed and natural divas.

It’s the ultimate lifestyle, at least to me, because I get to spend time interviewing doctors, dermatologists, trichologists, hair professionals and researching topics of interest to you. And, quite frankly, I love it when I sit down and write a well-researched article! 

Many of the articles that you will find on this website was because I was inspired by someone who wrote in an asked a question. Instead of answering that one person, I normally turned the question into a blog post that everyone could benefit from.

After working in Hollywood for a decade, I have gained access to some of the best hairstylists in the world. Luckily for us, they’re willing to share their best tips and tricks that they have honed over the years. So, if you’re looking to learn how to keep your hair camera ready like Rihanna or how to maintain your natural hair, so that it is always fabulous like Tracee Ellis Ross, no problem, as we’ve collected their best hair care advice and reveal those secrets to you!


About Serena

Serena HarrisSerena Harris is the co-founder of Obsessed Hair Oil.

She started her career in customer service and later accounting. Serena specializes in managing and monitoring existing processes and analyzing their effectiveness while creating strategies to improve productivity and efficiency.

She has helped small businesses to large corporations such as ADP, Viking River Cruises, and D.R. Horton grow by making sure she meets or exceeds customer and accounting expectations.

At Obsessed Hair Oil, Serena manages customer service and operations. She is obsessed with getting you your hair oil fast and efficiently.

As a matter of fact, every company provides customer service — better known as resolving issues and answering questions. However, it is my mission to deliver a truly great customer experience.  That means when you reach out to me via email you are guaranteed to get a quick response. Also, know that I have truly listened to what you have to say. So that I can provide a truly great customer experience.


Enough About Us, Let’s Talk About You.

You came here because you want hair care secrets and advice that you can use now, right? Well, we can help you, and here’s why:

We have studied hairstyles, hair trends and hair products across a wide range of areas — brands, hair texture, natural hair, relaxed hair and more — to uncover the tricks and tips that make women look their very best each and every day. We share in-depth research, hair trends, scientific investigation and analysis, intense fact-finding, celebrity hairstyles and explore what hair doctors have to say through interviews.

Are We Meant To Be Together?

Our work is focused on a simple passionate idea: To share practical ideas that will help you figure out the best hair care solutions for you. We will do everything we can to keep you motivated, so you don’t give up on your hair care journey. Want to know more? Go to our START HERE page.

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Sherry & Serena Harris

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